HR Policy

The Right People for ILYANG Express

Payroll and Reward System

  • Job Classification Pay System
  • Incentive for Sales Personnel
  • Business Performance-based Bonus
  • Recognition for exemplary and long-serving employees

Employee Benefits Package

Personal Life Support

  • House purchase and rental loans with low interest ratesWe provide loans for employees who need to buy a home or rent a house.
  • Support for disaster reliefWe provide disaster compensation benefits when an employee or family is damaged by a natural disaster.
  • Support for school expenses of childrenWe provide support for school expenses of employees' children.
  • Support for family eventsWe provide congratulation and condolence money when our employees or their family members marry and die.

Community life support

  • Recreational facilitiesWe operate permanent recreational facilities in famous places throughout the country.
  • In-house Club SupportWe support the expenses required for our employees' in-house club activities such as leisure sports, bowling and so on.

Welfare Fund / Mutual Aid Association

  • Intra-Company Labor Welfare FundWe use a certain amount of our company's profit for personal life support fund every year.
  • Coworker Mutual Aid AssociationWe deduct a certain amount of salary to make a contribution for individual employees' congratulations and condolences.

Health Promotion Support

  • Medical Expense SupportWe support the employees and their families with medical expenses caused by diseases and injuries.
  • Regular Health Checkup SupportWe make employees and their families have regular health checkups.