Vision and Core Values

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We are dedicated to making our customers'
life more convenient with the best
integrated-logistics service

Since ILYANG, Inc. aims at helping our customers enjoy a happy
life by making all aspects of their life (including home, work and
social life) more convenient than ever before, it will continue to
create new values and provide top-notch logistics services.


A Korean leading integrated-logistics
company conveying happiness
to its customers

In order to jump up to be Korea's leading comprehensive logistics
company, ILYANG, Inc. has been trying to deliver values beyond
logistics services to customers based on the highest quality
logistics services and to convey happiness to customers.


All ILYANG Express's employees have set and practiced the following three core values.

  • Customer-Oriented Mind

    We regard our customers as our most valuable asset. The ILYANG people think and act with customer-oriented mind to consider customer happiness as the top priority in all decisions.

  • Pursuing the Path of Righteousness

    The ILYANG people have spoken and have behaved rightly on the basis of sound civic consciousness and mutual respect, and have followed the path of righteousness to uphold its honor and pride.

  • Passion and Challenging Spirit

    The ILYANG people have opened an era of change with a strong commitment, a passion, and a challenging spirit that does not fear failure.